Students are to go to the MTI First Responder Google Classroom page - log in through the MCPS Desktop.


    Read the question of the day and comment per the instructions.


    Comments are worth 2 points each for a total of 10 points per week. A new comment must be submitted each day for full credit.

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  • COVID-19 Research Project


    Students will conduct research and write a 10 page paper as outlined in the COVID-19 Syllabus. Students will then create a slide show that demonstrates what they discovered during their research. 


    Grading criteria and expectations are outlined in the COVID-19 Rubric and syllabus.


    Please see the important dates listed below for when project work is due. The final due date for this project is Friday May 1st at 3pm. This gives students a full month to work on their project.


    This information is also available on the MTI First Responder Google Classroom page.


    ** Please see the helpful links below for how to write a research paper and APA formatting **

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    Please turn in the following progress information by the date and time listed below. Submit all work via email to: richard.rifley@marion.k12.fl.us


    The 1st Review, 2nd Review, and Rough Draft will each receive a completion grade of 20 points for that week. Showing progress and meeting the outlined benchmarks will receive the full 20 points. Missing or incomplete work will be graded accordingly.


    The Final Project will receive the 100 point grade per the project rubric.


    1st Review – Friday April 10th – Explain what research you have completed. You should have started work on the research paper. Explanation of your research and paper progress is due by 3pm.


    2nd Review – Friday April 17th – Research should be completed. Turn in an initial draft of your research paper. Work on presentation should have started. Describe what you have completed on your presentation. Research paper draft and presentation discussion are due by 3pm.


    Rough Draft – Friday April 24th – Turn in a full rough draft of your research paper and presentation. Due by 3pm.


    Final Project – Friday May 1st – Turn in your completed research paper and presentation. Due by 3pm.

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