• June 1, 2020


    Dear Graduating Class of 2027,


    First off, I wanted to thank you for a very memorable school year. I had a blast working and laughing with you. It was an honor to be your 5th grade teacher.  Nothing brings me more joy than seeing your smiling faces every single day. 


    I hope you look back at your time in elementary school with joy and happiness. I hope you reflect and ponder on the years so you can remember more than just toilet paper and quarantine. Please remember bark bus, science projects, dunk tank, kickball, bike week, fall festivals, musicals, clubs, etc. 


    As you start your new journey in middle school, you will be challenged. New school, new teachers, new routines. One of your biggest cheerleaders will still be at Harbour View and I will always be easy to find. Need me? Need something? Reach out to me and I will find a way to you!


    I hope you enjoy your summer. I hope you laugh in the sunshine, run in the grass, and read a book (hopefully more)!! I hope you rest up and prepare yourself for the 6th grade. 


    I will miss you more than I can express with words.

    I love you,

    Mrs. S'Nelson