• Office hours

    Morning - 9 to 10 am.

    Lunch/break time

    Afternoon - 1 to 2 pm

    During these times, I will be able to answer emails, and messages on classtag. However, since i am home with my two children as well and working on their online learning, if an email or message is sent outside of office hours and does not require immediate response, I will reply during my next office hours time.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Iready - complete 30 to 46 mins in a whole week - ELA and Math


    Independent reading - try for at least 15 to 20 mins a week 

    • Paper books
    • Myon - located on portal 
    • Other online reading app


    Please complete assignments that are doable for your family/child. 


    I realize we are all getting used to a different way of learning. 


    I myself am home with my two girls, getting them learning through online and still preparing lessons for 1st grade. All that to say, I understand that some families are still working or have numerous kiddos that need to use the technology available. We will get through this!


  • Attendance - I will be reaching out 2 -3 times a week to check in on everyone. I will use classtag, and emails. Possible phone calls (I am still working this out)

    Please email, message me on class tag, or leave a comment on google classroom daily (if able to) to let me know your child is working daily. 


    Assignments - Please work on one to two assigments daily. Expectation is that work will be completed by Fridy of that week. 

    3 ELA assignments

    3 Math assignmetns

    1 writing

    1 social studies 

    1 science 


  • We will complete most of our work through google classroom and the students desktop portals. 


    Here is the same info I sent out in emails to log into google classroom. Any questions please reach out to me. 


    First, have student log into their portal (MUST be logged into their portal) - CAN NOT use gmail address. 
    Username - first.lastname
    Password - provided from school
    (will provide any of this is you need it)
    When on the portal, click on google apps tab at the bottom of the screen. 
    Then click on google classroom. 
    When in google classroom, click join class (upper top right + sign)
    It will ask for a code. 
    This is the code -  bqvo3zn 
    When you get logged in, please post that you got logged in (you can type it in where it says - share something with your class). 
    To find the assignments, click on the classwork tab at the top OR just look to the left and the assignment will be posted. 
    This is a new platform for me, so please be patient with me as I am working through how to get everything uploaded correctly. 
    Any questions, please let me know.