• classroom

    It's not the same without my students.


    First and foremost, I hope everyone is safe and well.  My priority right now is to make sure everyone is okay, students and family alike.  I miss my students and truly wish we could all be in the classroom right now learning together.


    Some assignments are already posted to Google Classroom for each class.  Students may log in and begin working when they are ready.  Because students will most likely be receiving similar work from their Language Arts class, I have decided to focus their assignments on practicing reading and comprehension skills.  Please check the DUE DATES FOR ASSIGNMENTS ALL CLASSES tab on this website to see assignments as of 3/31.  If a student does not have access to Google Classroom, click on the GOOGLE CLASSROOM ACCESS page.


    Students are asked to check their emails when possible to make sure they are not missing important information regarding classes.  Students may email me at anytime with questions regarding their work or if they just want to chat.  I am missing my conversations with them as well.  They may also leave me a message on Google Classroom or ask questions about assignments.


    READ 180 / SYSTEM 44 STUDENTS:  please check the READ 180 tab on this website.


    I request that students check Google Classroom as well and this website as assignments might change weekly.  


    Students wellbeing is foremost.  When they are well, they do well.  If at anytime there is an issue with students completing work, please don't hesitate to contact me.  


    We are all in this together and we will all get through it... together.


    ~ Ms. Retter