(5th and 6th Period ONLY)


    The school district has installed an HMH Application on your student portal.  It will look like this:




    You may have to scroll through all of the applications to find it.  The first time you log in it might ask you to type in your zip code  (34471) and your district (Marion).  Otherwise your log in remains the same with your lunch number /student number being your username and password.

    If you are unable to get the application to work, students may also go here to log in: https://samconnect.scholastic.com/hosted/pages/StudentZipCodeLocator


    Students are expected to complete 20 minutes a day (100 minutes a week) on READ 180 / System 44.  Grade Reports are collected at 2:30pm EVERY Friday.  If you log in to READ 180 after that time, the grade will not count until the next week.



    100 minutes or more a week - 100% A

    80 - 90 minutes a week - 80% B

    60 - 70 minutes a week - 70% C

    40 - 50 minutes a week - 60% D

    Less than 40 minutes a week - 50% F 



    If you have any questions or are encountering a problem, email me at Michele.Retter@marion.k12.fl.us