• Hello my amazing friends!!! I am so sad that our school year was cut short and we will not get to see one another until August. (My 5th graders - I truly hope you come visit me <3). I know you are working hard on your assignments for your homeroom classes. While they are still being graded, your music assignments are meant to be fun and a break from all the things going on in your world right now. A chance to choose some way to continue to make music in your lives. I will be posting a video soon and I will be popping into see you during your zoom meetings with your teachers, BUT until then..... 


    I miss seeing each one of your faces and hearing you make music! If you get a chance - I would love to hear from each of you - an email about how you are doing, a quick video message, a picture you've drawn during your time at home...anything you would like to share. I just want to see your faces!

    Email me a message at brooke.hutto@marion.k12.fl.us. I look forward to hearing from you! 

    I love you all! Keep making music, 

    Mrs. Hutto 

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