• Google Classroom:

    I will be posting assignments on my website each week. However, I will also be utilizing Google Classroom. On Google Classroom, you will find assignments, notes, and other helpful resources and materials. All completed work will be submitted through student email and all grades will be posted in Skyward.


    To join Google Classroom, please click on the link and use the class code provided.



    1st Period:
    Class Code: a3r2vnh

    2nd Period
    Class Code: nvd6a7r

    3rd Period
    Class Code: 2mord4a

    4th Period
    Class Code: ztldjyx

    5th Period
    Class Code: apuluwc

    6th Period
    Class Code: n676mri


    If for some reason the link provided does not work, you can also access Google Classrooms by signing into your Marion County Public Schools student desktop. After you have logged into the desktop, click on “Google Apps” at the bottom of the desktop. Then, click on “Google Classroom.” Once you are in Google Classroom, look for the “+” symbol at the top right of your screen and click on it. You have the option to “Join class.” Select “Join class” and then input the class code.