• Students and Parents:  I have made an "optional" weekly schedule (on top of the page below) that would be similar to our day if we were in school.  It is to help you manage your assignments and time as you go through your first full week of learning at home.  It is just a "guide" to help you, not set in stone, so if you want to manage your assignments and time another way, feel free to do so.  The items highlighted in yellow are what you need to send back to me.  



    Language Arts:

    "Flying High" story and quiz  (Both stories focus on the text structure of cause and effect and multi-meaning words) (required)

    "Living in Space" story and quiz  (required)

    *iReady Reading: 45 - 60 minutes (required)

    FSA Story Writing (extra)

    Spelling #1 (Can you be a detective and figure out the mystery of the "S-virus) (extra)

    *Vocabulary PP could not be uploaded.  I will include in email.  (Students are going to be authors and write the sentences for the back of the picture card) (extra)

    Spelling #2  (sorting by sound) (extra)

    *ixl: P.1 (extra)


    Make a Clock  (Needs to be printed or made; students will need this as a hands-on aid while learning to count time and elapsed time). (extra)

    Say, What Time is it? (Versa Tiles - without the tiles; matching) (extra)

    Kickstart W22 (Review of previous lessons) (required)

    10.1 - Time to the Minute (New FL Go Math lessons on counting time by the minute and by fives) (practice)

    10. 1 Quiz (required)

    10.2 AM or PM (FL Go Math Lesson on determining AM (midnight till noon) and PM (noon until midnight) (practice)

    10.2 Quiz (required)

    *ixl: T.3 (extra)

    *iReady: 45-60 minutes (required)

    Social Studies:

    All Around the World  (Continuation with Social Studies Weekly #19 (online on student's MCPS portal) and locate where Marie, James, and Huan lived before coming to the US) (extra)

    SSW #19 Quiz - Online and Released (on student's MCPS portal) (required)

    *ixl: H.1 (extra)


    PP Classifying Animals (A Powerpoint of information for Invertebrates and Vertebrates)

    Classifying Animals Notes  (Notes that need to be filled in while reading the PowerPoint) (extra)

    Quiz - Name That Animal  (required)

    Drawing  (List the five groups of Vertebrates and Draw a picture of one (or more) animals from that group. (extra)

    *ixl: K.5 (extra)