• What We Are Learning!

    I am going to try to keep this page up to date so you will have an idea on what we are doing in class. Please always feel free to contact me through ClassDojo, Google Classroom, or my email (lindsey.pye@marion.k12.fl.us) if you have any questions or concerns about your student, the assignment, or extra support you can provide at home. Don't forget your child can access their student portal and have access to MyOn where they can read a plethora of books that are on their level. If they have forgotten their passwords, please email me.



    Two- and Three-Digit Numbers: Addition, Subtraction, and Story Problems



    The most important thing you can do to help your child become a better reader is to read to them and with them. Discuss the story with them like you would with a friend at a book club. Instead of recall questions like, "What is the name of the character?" ask them questions about how different characters responded to the problem or even in a story. Did anything surprise them in the story? If you make reading a special time your child will learn to look forward to reading.


    The standard we are currently working on is comparing and contrasting. We will also work on the standard determining the author's point of view. Continue to practice problems and solutions, text features, and what might happen next in the story.



    We are working on writing informational text this nine weeks. I am teaching them how to make a simple outline before they begin their writing. Then they practice making and perfecting a great beginning paragraph. Then we work on the body paragraphs one at a time. Then we finish with the conclusion paragraph. I encourage students to practice neat handwriting and using capitals and periods. After a few times of redoing their work to fix things they tend to improve their handwriting.



    We will be working on insects.


    Social Studies:

    We will begin working on Immigration.