Welcome to 4th Grade
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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments






    We are getting into a groove now! Thank you for all the art in my email. Remember art is a way to record our history in the making. Art expresses feelings, thoughts, ideas, and persuades others to act.  How will you paint or draw YOUR history? You are empowered by art and have a responsibility to represent this day in time with creditability. Your art could become a documentation of your experiences....a masterpiece! 

     Groovin with Art

    My distance learning office hours:

    Monday through Friday

    10:00 am to 11:00 am

    12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


    My phone number is 352-671-6150 Extension 53537 

    (please understand that during this time, calls may be forwarded if I am working from home)



    My email address is here: Deborah.walker-tannehill@marion.k12.fl.us


    I may also be reached through Dojo if your homeroom teacher has a class Dojo account. I can easily respond through this application from my phone. Please remember to include your student’s full name and homeroom teacher’s name along with the photo of their artwork to receive credit for assignments.


    Special Areas are on a rotating schedule. Please check out the schedule below to find your grade level


    Week of April 27th to May 1st

    Art: 4th and 5th Grade 

    Music: KG and 1st Grade

    PE: 2nd and 3rd Grade


    Week of May 4th to May 8th

    Art: KG and 1st 

    Music: 2nd and 3rd Grade

    PE: 4th and 5th Grade

    be safe


    May 11-15

    Art: 2nd & 3rd Grade

    Music: 4th & 5th Grade

    PE: KG & 1st Grade


    May 18-22

    Art: 4th & 5th Grade

    Music: KG & 1st Grade

    PE: 2nd & 3rd Grade


    May 25-29

    Art: KG & 1st Grade

    Music: 2nd & 3rd Grade

    PE: 4th & 5th Grade




    Please! Send me pictures of your art! I miss you!

  • Florida State Art StandardsCurriculum Maps: Grade 4 fpr the 4th Nine Weeks


    VA.4.S.3.2. Plan and produce art through ongoing practice of skills and technique

    Essential Questions: How does planning an artwork affect the outcome of your work? Why do artists sometimes change their plan while working on a piece? 

     VA.4.C.2.3 Develop and support ideas from various resources to create unique artworks

    Essential Questions: How does an artist get their ideas for their art? How do artists generate ideas without copying others? (Remember the copyright law that was previously taught) Why do artists research? What makes a work of art unique?

    VA.4.F.1.1 Combine art media with innovative ideas and techniques to create two- and three-dimensional works of art

    Essential Questions: Does art have boundaries? How can materials be used to make an innovative idea work?  

    VA.4.F1.2 Examine and apply creative solutions to solve an artistic problem

    Essential Questions: Do artists solve problems differently than non-artists? 

     VA.4.F.3.2 Collaborate with peers in the art room to achieve a common art goal 

    Essential Questions: Why is it imp[ortant to collaborate with others in art and other areas to achieve a common goal? (Think social skills when working with others)

    VA.4.H.2.3. Identify reasons to display artwork in public places

    Essential Questions: Why do artists display their artworks? What impact does the public art have on our community? 

    What is the effect of art and utilitarian objects in our lives? Utilitarian objects are objects that have been artistically created and have a specific function in daily life. Examples include: pottery cups or dishes, a decorative spoon, buttons, cooking pots, ornate spears and sheilds