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  • Art is an extremely important component for developing.

    Kindergarten and First Grade is the age of developing foundational skills to be successful learners. 

    Some of these skills include: seated posture and balance, holding a pencil correctly, applying sufficent pressure on a pencil/marker/or crayon, hand-eye coordination for scissors and glue, mental focus and self-control for writing, coloring, and painting. 


    Let's talk about scissors!

    Scissors are frequently kept out of the hands of lttle ones and rightly so! We are all familiar with the unscheduled hair cut or surprisingly new hole in a new t-shirt when toddlers get hold of a pair of scissors. 

    But when your child is old enough to go to school, they are now old enough to begin learning how to handle this cutting tool safely and effectively with parent or teacher supervision. Procedures for handling scissors are taught and strictly reinforced for the safety of all. Please encourage your child to practice with child safety scissors at home to snip thin scraps of paper into small pieces, long strips, and to cut out shapes with corners and curves. Let your child cut up junk mail, an old rag, an empty cereal box so that the student learns about thickness and texture. Some materials reqiure more effort and force to cut. Have a conversation about what we are allowed to cut and what we are not. Grown ups often forget about scissor procedures because our skill is well developed and almost second nature. Your child needs to properly use scissors across all grade levels and subject areas for projects and lessons. 

    Students will not be allowed to share school supplies due to CDC guidelines. Please start practicing the use of scissors to build independant skills now!


    Art CAN Get Messy!

    This is your warning, we make actual art projects and try to work with as many mediums (materials) as possible so students can learn about different materials and tools. This is how we build personal developmental skills. I encourage you to send along an extra outfit and baby wipes to keep in the classroom, in the event your child spills water or paint into their lap. We will be working in the classroom on a smaller work space (desks) this year rather than in the Art classroom with large tables and a tile floor. Please know that all art materials are non-toxic and SHOULD BE washable. There are some hues of color pigment that are more color-fast than others and will need to be washed twice if your child gets paint on their clothes. As a rule of thumb, please don't send your child in their brand new outfit on Art day. We will be working with dry media and washable water colors for the first nine weeks. I will avoid painting and messy projects on Picture Day. 



    Here are some links to help you help your child:

               Correct pencil grip directions

                 Correct scissor procedures

          High quality craftsmanship in coloring


    In the event of an interruption of brick and mortar (school campus) learning, please be prepared and have the following art supplies purchased and available to your students at home. School supplies are on sale at the start of the school year and it is a good idea to stock up for school assignments and projects in all classes. Grades will be given for each assignment along with a deadline to complete art projects. A zero will be given if projects are not submitted. I know it can get expensive (I have 6 kids of my own) so grab art supplies while they are on sale! 


    Art Supply List for Home Learning

    A gallon zip loc bag or pencil case for storage

    pencils and pencil sharpener 

    1 or 2 large pink erasers

    child safety scissors with a pointed tip

    2  black permanent markers (for outlines, 2nd-5th grades only)

    washable markers 

     colored pencils

     Crayola crayons

     Crayola washable water color paint sets with brush (we paint a lot!)

    OPTIONAL: set of paintbrushes (varying sizes)

    1 box of oil pastel crayons

    heavy white drawing paper (sketch pad is fine)

     glue sticks 

    white school glue

    construction paper in varying colors

    a good ruler (pick your favorite color)

    salt (for water color technique)



    If you need assistance in art or school supplies, please contact the school 




Craftsmanship Grading Rubric when adding color