• Due to COVID-19 aka Corona virus, North Marion Middle School will be providing online learning for all students starting April 1st. For my students please log into Google Classroom where all updates will be given.


    I will be utilizing Zoom (an face-time like app for computers and phones) to conduct class times, my schedule for this can be found on Google Classroom for my students. According to district (the current information I have) we will need to meet via zoom at least once per week. And you will have 3 assignments to do per week.

    For me however I will require a bit more. My attendance policy for the next three weeks is as so:
    - 2 zoom meetings (either 2 class sessions OR 1 class session and 1 zoom meeting (1-1)).
    - 1 Khan Academy quiz (you must make at least an 80% for the attendance to count) AND 1 worksheet/pdf/google form assignment.
    - 2 comments to a thread I will post (1 to answer the post's question, and 1 to another students comment)

    All three of these requirements will need to be performed to be counted as present for the weeks lessons, if you cannot meet for a zoom meetings you and your parent/guardian must contact me prior and we will together come up with a solution.

    More information will come in the coming days, however at this time to count present for THIS week, please fill out the google form (COVID 19) I have attached onto Goggle Classroom, again I will be in contact if you do not fill it out by Monday noon.
    Also find a link to the COVID-19 Google Form here: COVID-19 Questionnaire
    Reminder: Ways to contact me
    Email: hayley.johnson@marion.k12.fl.us
    Remind contact codes:
    1st period: 1pm1hj
    2nd period: 2pm1hj
    3rd period: 3c2hj
    4th period: 4pm2ahj
    5th period: 5pm1hj
    6th period: 6pm1hj