• Below I will list a few things that my family uses at home that breakup the boredom. Please share with me on Remind the various apps you might have found at home that you use to pass the time and I will share it with the students here. 


    Free Phone / computer apps - 


    Calm - this is a great app that is free (don't pay for it) you get scenes like the sound of the water at the beach or the sound of being in the forest by a river. It is honestly really nice to hear those sounds while you sleep, read, hang out with family, etc. While you cannot go to the beach or travel much the sounds take you there. 


    Words with Friend - a fun game to keep up on your spelling. It is like scrabble that you can play for free on your phone. 


    Duolingo - a langauge learning program for those students who might want to learn japanese for those of you anime fans or other languages. 


    Nitrotype - a typing racing game that makes typing fun. Keep in mind students will have to type most assignments next year so this is a great way to increase accuracy and speed while typing. 


    Zoom - with this program which is free you can now talk four or five of you classmates at once.