• Hello Students and Parents,

    Beginning Monday, March 24th, I will have office hours from 2pm to 3 pm Monday through Friday.  My two online classes (2 & 6) lessons will be delivered through Microsoft Teams.  Students can get to Microsoft Teams on their portal and clicking on the office 365 icon. We also will be using the the on-line textbook (HMH Florida Science Life Science Textbook) on the students portal as well. If there is a second wave of COVID and they have to shut down the school, then my other classes (1,3,4, and 5) will also go to online learning. 

     If students have other classes using Microsoft Teams, all the classrooms will be listed in their student portal by clicking on the office 365 icon. 


    All assignments /tests/quizzes will be posted in Microsoft Teams

    Below are my Classes

    1st block (Adv)   2000020/04C    

    2nd block (Adv)  2000020/5CM  On-Line Learning

    3rd block             2000010/9CL                  

    4th block (Adv)   2000020/06C 

    5th block             2000010/08C

    6th block (Adv)   2000020/7CM  On-Line Learning

    IMPORTANT: Attendance Counts this year for on-line classes this year! It's your responsibility to be on-line and ready to go for that particular class. 


      Updates will be posted in Microsoft Teams.  You can monitor your grades through Skyward.

    Please contact me through email for any questions you may have regarding the lessons at jack.smith@marion.k12.fl.us

    Google Voice Number  (352)-405-1451