Musical Theatre

  • Hello Musical Theatre bb's! This first week my goal is to get you connected with the pages and sites we will be using to proceed with our virtual rehearsing and instruction! I will be doing a combination of things, I would like to continue some of our work with Beauty and the Beast since you have put so much into it and I can easily provide materials, as well as some other assignments for Musical Theatre as there is a lot we can learn in this time. 

    I can send any of you who do not still have your script a copy of the script, and we will be using Google Classroom to submit your work and see all of your assignments. I also look forward to using Zoom in the future to have some class meetings, Mrs. Brown is figuring out a schedule for all of us to do that.


    Your first task is to join our Google Classroom, as all assignments will be posted in there for me to keep track of and grade each week. That site is:, and you will select the option to join a class. ONLY your school email will work for Google Classroom, and the Musical Theatre class code for Google Classroom is: wl3hfakPlease email me directly if you have any trouble with this.  


    Your assignments for this week are to:

    Join our class on Google Classroom and write a note to me on there to confirm your joining! 

    Check back regularly on Google Classroom for your upcoming assignments!

    I miss you lots and look forward to connecting soon.

    Ms. M