• Work for April 1-3rd.

    Work for April 6-10th

    Everyone should be in Health Center 21

    Finish up the numbers basic unit.

    I will be posting an assignment on converting Temperatures.  Both of those worksheets will be due along with the numbers basic unit by Friday.  You will have the formula and you may use a calculator.  If you are having difficulties please reach out to me.

    Work for week ending April 17th.

    We will start on the temperature and time unit.

    Complete the 2 lessons and the unit worksheet

    Complete quiz

    This is due April 19th.


    Work for week ending April 24th.

    All work is due by 4/30/20

    Medical Math Unit:
    The numbers basic unit:
    You must complete the electronic worksheet and quiz
    Time and Temperature unit:
    You must complete the electronic worksheet and quiz
    I have opened up the measurement systems unit:
    Complete the electronic worksheet and the quiz for this unit

     Work for week ending May 8th.

    In Medical Math Unit
    Numbers Basic Worksheet and Quiz (Past Due)
    Time and Temperature Worksheet and Quiz (Past Due)
    Measurement Unit Worksheet and Quiz (Due Friday 5/8/20)

    In Medical Terminology Unit
    Word Parts: Roots Worksheet and Quiz (Due Friday 5/8/20)

    Sign into Google Classroom daily for attendance and updates.

  • We will be working out of Health Center 21 for this week.

    We will also be having a zoom meeting either recorded or live sometime this week.  

    Please contact me with any questions via:

    Email:  Martina.sayan@marion.k12.fl.us

    Google Voice (call or text):  (352) 537-8367

    School Phone:  (352) 671-6035 ext. 56291

    I will be adding more ways to contact me as we go.  

    I will be available from 8:30 AM until 4 PM Monday thru Fridays


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  • Go to Google Classroom and click on the post labeled Health Center 21 Online Learning.  Follow the powerpoint to log onto Health Center 21.

    You will also have an exit ticket assignment in google classroom that you must complete daily.  This will coorelate with the work you are doing in Health Center 21.  I will also be available via email, phone or zoom to help you.

    Your Google Classroom code is xlas2fe

    Google Classroom

    Your Health Center 21 code is VYR93

    Health Center 21

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