Students, Open a word document a begin a journal of your experiences, Here is a series of prompts I would like you to explore and write about for the week of April 1st-April 3rd. What did your family’s trip to the grocery store and “stocking up” look like? Tell me about cancelled family vacations, cancelled field trips, cancelled school How weird it is to have to “e-learn”? How are you occupying your time? How do you feel about this? Psyched that you don’t have to come to school? Bored? Worried? Bummed that you won’t get to see your friends? How are you encouraging and keeping up with your friends? What is changing for you because of this? What kinds of things are your families thinking/saying/doing? What is your “must have” if you are going to be cooped up inside for awhile? What are your “binge watch” recommendations? Where is your new “desk”? YOU are living through a HISTORICAL moment in time! e-mail me your THOUGHTFUL and COMPLETE answers by Friday at noon!! Please stay safe and well!!!! Ms. Scott Journal submission 2nd week April 6-April 10 A reaction to a news article or report that made an impression on you. Please note the source of the report and basic outline of what was covered. What reaction did you have? Do you have any concerns? No Journal entry for Week of April 13-17-Be working in edmentum-Log on info on my Homepage