• READ 180 - All periods - READ 180 Program and MyOn


    ** Mrs. Retter - also a READ 180 teacher at Horizon - will be monitoring Mrs Gomez's classes as of April 6th.  Below are the grading requirements for Read 180 and assignments that students are responsible for daily/weekly**


    Students will be required to spend 20 minutes a day (100 minutes a week) on the READ 180 program.  The program is accessible through their student portal.  Students grades for the next few weeks will come from their time spent utilizing this program.  The grades will be decided as such:


    100 minutes or more a week - 100% A

    80 - 90 minutes a week - 80% B

    60 - 70 minutes a week - 70% C

    40 - 50 minutes a week - 60% D

    0-40 minutes a week - 50% F 


    Grade Reports are collected at 2:30pm EVERY Friday.  If you log in to READ 180 after that time, the grade will not count until the next week.


    Students in Ms Gomez's classes are also responsible for working on MyOn.  Students are to complete 1-3 quizzes on MyOn.  The highest quiz grade will be inputted for a weekly grade.


    Gradebooks will reflect a zero for any student not completing work.  

    MyOn grades and READ 180 access Grades will go in by the end of each week.



    Once students log into their portal they are to click on the icon that looks like this:  (It may be under the Programs tab on the bottom)


    HMH Application


    Log in is the same as in school, student number for username and password.


    If students cannot log in through the applicaiton they may go to the following link:


    The first time you log in through the link above you will have to enter the school zip code (use 34471) and select your district (Marion)


    If you have any questions about logging in, please email Michele.Retter@marion.k12.fl.us or Tamaris.MunizAlicea@marion.k12.fl.us