• Dear Student:

    *This is posted in Google Classroom for all students.* verify your student email. (marionstudents.net)

    Our class will be using the following website: Brainpop

    How to login into Brainpop 

    Brainpop is available and Free for all devices: phones, computers, and tables. (Androids and IPads)

    Click the link below, scroll down and select Free Family ACCESS and create an account. Use your school email @marionstudents.net.



    Title: Solar System, Brainpop. Due 4/10/20

    Directions:  After creating a Brianpop account then use your login to access the video and answer quiz.  When you finished the quiz click on email your results to carmen.gonzalez@marion.k12.fl.us. Remember to type your complete name and class period.