• Yay! It's you!

    Here are some helpful websites that you can access to continue working on your mathematical magic!

    Additional Resources for Basic Math Number Sense:

    • Splat! - Download the PowerPoints and put them in “present mode.” Have your child guess how many shapes there are under the Splat.
    • Solve Me Puzzles - Three different types of puzzles that will challenge your child to make sense of numbers.  Most of these puzzles are appropriate for Grade 2 +.
    • Four 4s Problem - This classic game asks students to use multiple operations and their strategic problem-solving skills to turn Four 4s into many different numbers.  Appropriate for Grades 3 +.
    • How Many Rows? - Try to get the most number of squares by making rectangles. Appropriate for Grades 3 +.
    • Tic-Tac-Toe Sums - A twist on the classic tic-tac-toe game, this time trying to use strategy to find the total of two numbers
    • Which One Doesn't Belong? - Pick a picture and find a reason why each part doesn’t belong.  Which one is not like the others? Perfect to print out or show on your device while breaking bread.
    • Greg Tang's Math Resources - Sign up for email list and hundreds of printable games become available for you that are free and high-quality!
    • Yohaku Puzzles - Fun math puzzles for Kindergarten +.
    • Ken Ken Puzzles - Fun math puzzles for Kindergarten +.
    • Prodigy  A free math game platform. Most students have an account already, if not, it’s free to set one up!