Home-Distance Learning Expectations

  • Per Florida DOE directive, all MCPS schools are closed through the end of the school year. Learning will continue online. All extra-curricular activities during this same time period are canceled.


    Supplemental student learning resources were provided at Saddlewood & your local Walmart for pick up March 23rd-31st. These are not to be returned.   


    Teachers report Monday, March 30th with a "hybrid" work schedule with student work being posting for the first week on April 1st. My office hours are Monday-Friday from 12-2pm. I will do my best to respond as soon as I am able to ensure great lines of communication during this time. All class-specific updates are on Class Dojo and Google Classroom. 100% of my class is connected on Class Dojo but I can also reach out in other ways to check-in and show I care. :) Please click this link for what you as a family should see when you log onto Class Dojo. Remember you can view, like, and/or comment on any Class Story, School Story, or Portfolio posts in your news feed. You can also message me and I will reply as soon as I am able. 

    Class Dojo


    I look forward to using your feedback from our survey to best support you and your student during this time. We will use Class Dojo and Google Classroom to share materials and updates. Other platforms such as CPalms, iReady, MyOn, iXL, AR, Flipgrid, Kahoot, Zoom, & more will be used for instruction, practice, & task completion.

    Google Classroom

    Please see the Home Access files here on my webpage to help you navigate to these platforms especially the Home Access to Google Classroom so students can view materials and resources. 

     Google Classroom Header

    Most platforms require signing in to the student's Marion County Public School Desktop or MCPS Desktop.

    Username: firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net

    Password: Their regular school log-in password

    Please let me know if you need log-in assistance. Passwords differ slightly for AR and iXL. Please see our Google Classroom for those details or message me. 


    Per the Marion County Public Schools Distance Learning Handbook, tasks for the week will be publicized consistently on the first day of the student instructional week. During distance learning, the student instructional week is defined as Monday through Friday. Students have 5-7 days to complete tasks being due each Sunday evening. All work must be completed online, or submitted digitially (via email or submit as a picture through Class Dojo). Each instructional week the requirement is a minimum of...

     45 minutes of both iReady Reading and Math online instruction should be completed by the student
     20 minutes of reading should be done independently or with families
     3 tasks for ELA (Reading/Writing)
     3 tasks for Math
     1 task for Science
     1 task for Social Studies

     1 task for Specials (Art/Music/PE) 


    During the current COVID-19 crisis, the first student instructional week will be defined as Wednesday, April 1 through Friday, April 3. The task expectations during this modified week will be:

     45 minutes of both iReady Reading and Math online instruction should be completed by the student
     20 minutes of reading should be done independently or with families

     1 task for ELA (Reading/Writing)
     1 task for Math
     1 task for Science OR 1 task for Social Studies

     1 task for Specials (Art/Music/PE) 


    Please remember, printed copies & additional paper games/supplemental materials are available upon request. I want to be helpful and flexible in ensuring all students have access to the opportunity to learn during this time. Mrs. Kaminski is also available to provide support and can be emailed here

    The handbook also states that, "Taking attendance is still a legal obligation, even in an online setting, and is a record that is frequently monitored for compliance. It is important that records are maintained and accurate. Teachers will continue to take student attendance in Skyward...Students can demonstrate attendance in a number of ways, including but not limited to the examples listed below."
    • Logging into an online platform (I can check this by seeing minutes on iReady & Zearn) 
    • Sending a message via Class Dojo
    • Engaging in a phone or Zoom call with a teacher or other school employee
    • Participating in an online forum or web thread conversation (I can check comments/use your Morning Check-In


    I understand this is a lot, even for me as the teacher. This is new to all of us and I intend to give grace & understanding as we work through this time. As always, please reach out on Class Dojo or email me with any questions or concerns! 

    Give Grace


Home-Distance Learning Optional Schedules

  • These scheduling tools were requested by a parent and are by no means required but just optional layouts for an at-home “school” day and week. 😊 I understand families have a lot going on right now. I do not want you to be consumed or overwhelmed with work. Research has shown that optimal home school has about 2-3 hours of learning then the rest of the time helping at home & enjoying family and the outdoors. If something feels “too much,” please stop and reach out for help. Family & students’ emotional, mental, & physical health comes first.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.