2nd Music Assignments

  • 2nd grade students - please find your first music assignment below and click on the link!


    2nd grade parents - Our 2nd grade music assignments will be turned in to me using Seesaw. Please see the below directions to sign up your student for our 2nd Music Seesaw virtual class.

    If you have multiple children at Shady Hill - please note that there is a different code for each grade level music class (so each child will have a different code). Ensure that you SIGN OUT your first student (when in Seesaw - the circle "Settings" icon next to your student's name at the top left) before you sign up for the next music class. Then create a new account for the second child, and so on.

    You can access Seesaw online or using the app on your phone. If you want to use the app, make sure you download the Seesaw CLASS app. You can also have the Seesaw FAMILY app, but it won't allow your kids to upload work. The family app is for you to view their work. The class app is for the kids to post stuff.


    And here is a helpful video for parents about how to use Seesaw:

    Seesaw for Parents

2nd Assignments

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2nd Music Seesaw Sign-Up Directions

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