1st Grade Music


  • spring fling

    The time has come! Your Shady Hill Spring Fine Arts Fling is online and ready to enjoy! Head to the main music website for our virtual Spring Fling: Music Homepage

Daily Music Challenge

  • showman

    Day Forty-Two 5/29/20: Today is our last Daily Music Challenge of the school year.

    And it's a tribute to all of you (click the link below)!

    The Greatest Showman: From Now On

    "But when I stop and see you here, I remember who all this was for!"

    The moral of the story - even when you think you can't sing, sing anyway.

    Shady Hill IS the greatest show, and "we will come back home, we will come back home, home again." And what a glorious day that will be.

    Until then, family. #wearefamily


    Check out our "Daily Music Challenge" on the Music homepage for more fun daily music inspiration: Shady Hill Music Homepage

Mrs. Collins

1st Music Assignment General Info

  • Each grade level has one music assignment every 3 weeks, with updated weekly tutorials, for all students at Shady Hill. During distance learning, students receive one music academic grade every three weeks. Their music academic grade will be an average of their work on their music assignment during each three-week period.


    1st grade students - Please find your music assignments below (scroll down to "1st Music Assignments") and click on the link ("1st Music Assignment #3")!


    1st grade parents - Our 1st grade music assignments will be turned in to me using Seesaw. Please see the below directions (scroll down to "1st Music Seesaw Sign-Up Directions") to sign up your student for our 1st Music Seesaw virtual class. 


    You can access Seesaw online or using the Seesaw CLASS app on your phone. Since you will be the one taking the pic or video each time a music assignment is ready to be turned in, it will be most helpful for you to download and use the Seesaw CLASS app on your phone. You can take a pic or video on your phone of the completed music assignment, and then immediately upload it in the app. Make sure if you decide to download the app that it is the Seesaw CLASS app (not Seesaw FAMILY app). You can also have the Seesaw FAMILY app, but it won't allow your kids' work to upload (it's just for you to view their work).


    If you have multiple children at Shady Hill - please note that there is a different code for each grade level music class (so each child will have a different code). Sign up the one account for both and/or all other grade level music classes (remember, a different code each time) and then message me and I will manually change the one account to have a display name with both/multiple student names.


    And here is a helpful video for parents about how to use Seesaw:

    Seesaw for Parents

1st Music Assignments

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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

Music Creation Ideas

  • Idea: Body Percussion - Body Drumset (video tutorials)

    These videos will help you use your body as an instrument and help you create body percussion rhythms (click the link).

    Little Kids Rock: Body Drumset


    Idea: Homemade Instruments - Tables (video tutorials)

    These videos will help you use everyday items (like tables) as instruments (click the link).

    Kaboom Percussion: Tables Tutorials


    Idea: Homemade Instruments - Cups (video tutorials)

    These videos will help you use everyday items (like cups) as instruments (click the link).

    Kaboom Percussion: Cups Tutorials


    Idea: Song Lyrics Writing - Hip Hop Composition and Rhyming (video tutorials)

    These videos will help you with rhyming words and lyrics over a steady beat to create a song (click the link).

    Little Kids Rock: Intro to Rhyming


    Idea: Song Lyrics Writing - Hip Hop Basics (video tutorials)

    These videos will help you learn the basics of writing lyrics to create a song (click the link).

    Little Kids Rock: Hip Hop Basics


    Idea: Song Lyrics Writing (a step-by-step guide)

    1. If you want to add words to your rhythm creation, remember that the rhythm=syllables of the words. So break up each word that you want to use into syllables and that will help you put the words and rhythm together.

    2. If you didn't already take a look at the "Rhythm Creation" idea below, that will help you with the words and the rhythm of the words.

    3. Play around with different words that rhyme for inspiration. If you want to have the lyric "I miss my school," what would rhyme with the word school that you could end your next phrase with? Tool? Cool? Mule? The next line could read, "It is so cool!" 

    4. Also note that my two lines in No.3 above not only rhymed, but were the same length and were the same number of syllables per a line. This is not a "must," but will help the song and lyrics flow.


    Idea: Rhythm Creation (a step-by-step guide)

     1. Review our new music notes that we learned this year (pictures and Rhythm Review video below). 

    Quarter note = "ta"

    Quarter rest = "shhh!"

    Eighth notes = "ti ti"

    2. Use my Rhythm Review video (below) to remind you how to say and clap rhythms. Say and clap the rhythms along with me in the video. 

    3. Create your own 6-note rhythm!! Make your own pattern/rhythm of notes, as long as it is 6 notes long! Whatever you create, write it down somewhere (on a piece of paper, an envelope from the mail, or you could even use the "Drawing" portion of adding student work in Seesaw to put it in your Music Seesaw journal). You need to have a way to remember the rhythm you have created.

    4. Whichever Chrome Music Lab experiment you choose, you could enter your rhythm into the experiment as you wrote it. Continue to hit the "play" button on the experiment until you are sure that the experiment is playing your rhythm correctly.

    5. If wanted: If you want to add words to your rhythm creation, remember that the rhythm=syllables of the words. So break up each word into syllables and that will help you put the words and rhythm together. 

    *Note - There is an excellent example of a completed rhythmic creation by a student below. Check it out for inspiration!

Helpful Resources

  • The BASICS of Good Singing

    Use this reminder to help your singing voice, if you decide to add lyrics to your music.

      1. Posture: Sit/stand up straight for best air intake (stretch, roll shoulders back, etc to help with posture)
      2. Vocal Warm-ups: Create your own roller coasters and try to remember all your fav cards! A singing voice warm-up video is also below!
      3. Deep Breaths: Every time you breathe, breathe consciously and with the intent of bringing a lot of air into your body, so your voice can use it!
      4. Head Voice: Try to sing each note with your higher, singing head voice (warming up your voice will help this)
      5. Maintain Pitch: Listen to your own voice and try to match the pitch of the melody of the song you are singing
      6. Passion: Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and sing with passion and purpose. Have fun!!! :-)

1st Music Seesaw Sign-Up Directions

  • 1st seesaw

Videos for Fun!

1st Music Standards

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