• On this page you will find instructions on how to access various resources that you may need for certain assignments. Most of these are already familiar to the students.


    Microsoft Teams CODES

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    2nd Period:

    3rd Period

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    6th Period:


    How to access the online textbook (e-book)

    1) Log on to your Marion County School Student Desktop. The login information is the same one you use to get on the computer at school. (https://desktop.marion.k12.fl.us/LoginPolicy.jsp)

    2) Click "eTextbooks" on the bottom of the page and click the "Course Schedule" icon.

    3) Click on the "LANGUAGE ART 2" eTextbook link.

    4) IMPORTANT: Click the dropdown menu on the right and click "Florida Collections - Grade 7" 

    5) Click on Student eBook and use the "Contents" button on the left to navigate to the appropriate Collection you are assigned. From there, you will find the texts you need.



    This is what the Student Desktop looks like