• Bedtime Is a Great Time to Read to Your Child!

    If You Have a Little Time, Read to Your Child.


         WebMD says that most preschool children need about 11 hours of sleep every day, including their naps. You know your child is getting a good night's sleep if they get up happy and refreshed, ready to go! What is most important is to establish sleeping routines and be consistent. Little kids thrive on schedules and bedtime works best when it is scheduled. 

         And remember, bedtime is a great time to read to your child, and it is a also a super chance to practice their numbers, letters and colors just a little bit, too!

         If you help your child love reading books while they are little, they will be much better readers and students as they grow up!


    Cinderella  Goldilocks  Red Hen  Three Pigs