• *Week of 3/23 - 4/03*

    Topic: The Sun.

    EQ:What are the properties of the sun?

    Standard: SC.8.5.6 Distinguish the hierarchical relationships between planets and other astronomical bodies relative to solar systems, galaxy, and universe, including distance, size, and composition.

    Objective: Students should be able to describe the structure and rotation of the sun, energy production and energy transport in the sun, and solar activity on the sun. 


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    *Week of 4/06- 4/13*

    Topic: The Terrestrial Planets

    EQ: What is known about the terrestrial planets?

    Standard SC.8.E.5.7: Compare and contrast the properties of objects in the Solar System...

    Objective: Students should be able to describe some of the properties of the terrestrial planets and how the properties of Mercury, Venus, and Mars differ from the properties of Earth.

    *Terrestrial Planets Project PowerPoint: due 4/10 only use your student email: @marionstudents.net

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