• Monday 4/6/2020

    All students have to go to the book online and open Communication-Announcements where you will find the following instructions:

    - Today, immediately, students have to create your ZOOM account . The idea is that on Tuesday 4/7/2020 you will receive your classes online through that program. Students have to communicate to me using the chat with the sentence: "Yes, I have ZOOM"
    - Monday all students will spend the day completing any assignment missed for Lesson 7. (contextos, Fotonovela and Cultura)
    - We will be in touch Monday 4/6:

    Spanish I and Pre AICE Spanish at 10:00 am your attendance phrase is:  HELLO

    Spanish II and Pre AICE Spanish II at 11:00 am your attendance phrase is: HELLO

    Spanish II Honors at 12:00 pm (noon) your attendance phrases is:  HELLO

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    All students of Spanish class:

    Spanish I and Pre AICE Spanish I begin the classes tomorrow April 1st at 10:00 am

    Spanish II and Pre AICE Spanish II begin the classes tomorrow April 1st at 11:00 am

    Spanish III Honors begins the class tomorrow April 1st at 12:00 pm (noon)

    To start classes; students have to enter to the book online and activate the chat to confirm their presence.



    Spanish teacher

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    Good morning everyone;

    Due the existing situation; I would like to inform parents and students that the Spanish classes will be online until students return to the school. For this to be possible it is necessary that all students have communication via the internet and get a computer or laptop in home. About Spanish class all my students from the beginning of the year have access to the book online and we will maintain this procedure. To communicate each other we will use two ways: 1) through the book online clicking on Communication and then choose Announcement 2) Using Google Classroom that students have to sign in throgh the MCPS desktop clicking on Google Apps. and using the following access codes according with the subject area:

    Spanish I 1st period : acragw7

    Spanish I 4th period : jitz7lm

    Spanish I 5th period : fip7mfk

    Spanish I 6th period : v46mxy4

    Pre AICE Spanish I 3rd period : 7khe7fv

    Spanish II 2nd period : j4fh3jk

    Spanish II 5th period : o5ehrga

    Pre AICE Spanish II 2nd period : fxbzpmb

    Spanih III Honors 2nd period : 6yt52jt

    Please, students read and follow carefully this instructions to be able to start the classes online as soon as possible.

    Thanks all of you and be safe.




    Segundo Alva

    Spanish teacher

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