• Under your E-Textbook tab on your portal, you will see Think Central.  This is your Go Math text.  All of your assignments will be found when you enter and click on the THINGS TO DO link.


    Your Science Assignments will be given through STEMscopes, which you all are familiar with.


    You will also be graded on your iReady Math.  Do 40 minutes per week and get good grades on your quizzes because those will be used for your grade.  If you do not understand the quiz and keep getting answers wrong, please email me and I will help you so that you do not get a bad grade.


    Vocabulary.com will also be a grade.  You have many assignments already on there.  I know you like to use the play option, but you will be graded on 15-20 minutes per day of practice on your assignments.  Google Classroom will have the order in which you should be doing your assignments.  Feel free to use the play and Challenge play options after you are done with your work as I will use that for extra credit!  I am also looking in to ways for us to have vocabulary jams as well!