• Escalate is a reading program that uses high-interest, current content that engages students while improving their use

    of academic English through listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  Here is a highlight of a few of the engaging

    student materials presented in the Escalate program:

    Language Models: Explicit instruction and opportunity for practice guide students in the functional uses of academic language.

    Language Scaffolds: Make high-interest, young adult literature and informational texts accessible.

    Graphic Novel: Selcetions make classic literature and biographies of famous people accessible and fun to read.

    Student-friendly Blogs: Introduce topics in a current style.

    Authentic Podcasts: From NPR and other sources relate to the unit's topic and help sharpen students' listening and comprehension skills. 

    Student Activity Book: Reinforces classroom instruction with listening, speaking, reading, writing, and viewing practice assignments

    and organizational tools.

    Browse Magazine: Designed for fun, independent reading, each magazine features topical articles with idiomatic language,

    puzzles, and engaging visuals.