• Week 5 (April 27th - May 1st)

    Posted by Renicka Nubin on 4/27/2020 10:20:00 AM

    Good Morning,


    This week we are working on Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes and Minute, and we will be reviewing Adding and Subtracting withing 1000. Please make sure you follow the instructions as listed in the Assignments and in the Instructions in Google Classroom.


    *** VERY IMPORTANT - Please make sure assignments are being turned in. Progress Reports are coming out and I need all missing work submitted now. I have been sending messages to parents, so please get those assignments in.


    Reminder: Students still must complete their IREADY MINUTES, which are 45 minutes. DO NOT GO OVER!



    April 28th @ 6pm with all 3 teachers

    April 30th for Math: Block 1 @ 4:30pm, Block 2 @ 5:15pm, and Block 3 @ 6:00pm.


    Thank you for supporting your students and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email, message me in Class Dojo, or send a private message in Google Classroom. Have a Great Week.


    ~ Ms. Nubin

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  • Week 4 (April 20th - 24th)

    Posted by Renicka Nubin on 4/20/2020

    Hello Parents and Students,

    We are now into Week 4. Thank you parents for keeping your students on track with Distance Learning.

    Updated grades are being posted. Also, parents are being notified of missing assignments, iReady minutes, and grades on Assignments.

    April 21st will be our weekly Zoom meeting with all 3 teachers.

    April 23rd will be our weekly Zoom meeting for Math students.

    This week we will be learning about how to read and interpret picture and bar graphs. Our Standard is MAFS.3.MD.2.3 and we will be completing Lesson 2.2 (Picture Graphs) and Lesson 2.4 (Bar Graphs).

    Students will also be working on their Daily Activity, which is KickStarts Week 30 every day. 

    Day 1 - Monday; Day 2 - Tuesday; Day 3 - Wednesday; Day 4 - Thursday; Day 5- Friday.

    On Day 4, which is our weekly Zoom Meeting, we will go over Day 4 KickStarts together to ensure students are understanding how to solve each problem. Then we will go into our Classwork, going over questions and having students ask questions on numbers that they are confused or struggling with. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, you can message me on Class Dojo, email, or send a message in Google Classroom.

    Again, thank you for all you are doing to support your students.

    ~ Ms. Nubin


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  • Week 3 (April 13th - April 17th)

    Posted by Renicka Nubin on 4/14/2020 12:20:00 AM

    We Made It To Week 3...

    This week, students are learning to solve problems about liquid volume and mass. We are continuing our lessons from Liquid Volume and Mass. In this lesson, students will be using four operations to solve the problems about liquid volume and mass. Students will utilize their C.U.B.E.S. strategy they have learned from class when solving one-step and two-step word problems. C - circle the numbers, U - underline the question, B - box the keywords, E - equation, and S - solve. It is very important for students to also utilize their Key Words when needing to find which operation to solve. For instance, to ADD (key words: in all or in both); to SUBTRACT (key words: how much more or how many left); to MULTIPLY (key word: each); and last to DIVIDE (key words: an equal or of each). By students utilizing their key words, students can find their equation and solve.


    IReady Minutes are due April 17th

    Assignments are due April 20th (Please follow instructions for Assignments. I have assignments in order to be completed in the Google Classroom. I also created Instructions for Week 3 to help keep students organized in completing their work (Please look under "Instructions for Week 3 on the webpage).


    Zoom Meetings, April 14th with all 3 teachers at 6pm.

    Zoom Meetings for Math, April 16th at 5pm (Block 1), 5:30 pm (Block 2), and 6pm (Block 3)


    Thank you and let's have a marvelous week. Stay Safe and Healthy.


    ~ Ms. Nubin

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  • Zoom Meetings and Grades

    Posted by Renicka Nubin on 4/9/2020 8:15:00 AM

    Good Morning Parents and Students,


    Please turn in your assignments. I give students a week to complete their assignments. I am missing many students classwork and grades are being posted today.

    Iready Minutes is a grade. So please make sure students are doing their minutes, which is 45 minutes a week. Students know the important of doing their Iready Minutes. Grade will be posted today.

    Zoom Meetings Today:

    You can click on the link on my Welcome Page.

    Zoom Meeting: Block 1 - Ms. Heyliger's Homeroom

    Meeting ID: 978 513 499

    Password: 009261

    Zoom Meeting: Block 2 - Ms. Gonzalez's Homeroom Meeting ID: 107 666 464

    Password: 025245

    Zoom Meeting: Block 3 - Ms. Nubin's Homeroom

    Meeting ID: 442 093 132

    Password: 013857

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  • Week 2: April 6th - 10th

    Posted by Renicka Nubin on 4/8/2020 10:20:00 AM

    Hello Parents and Students,

    We made it to Week 2... 

    Assignments are due April 13th

    Iready Minutes are due April 10th

    Ms. Nubin has a Google Classroom. Here are the Class Codes by Block:

    Block 1 (Ms. Heyliger's Class) - gkztiom

    Block 2 (Ms. Gonzalez's Class) - ao6vhtr

    Block 3 (Ms. Nubin's Homeroom) - 72yfmmg

    Parents, in Google Classroom, I have everything there for the students: a stream - where I introduce what we are working on for the week, take a attendance for my homeroom, and students can ask for help when needed, classwork - where I have the introduction videos and assignments, turn in your assignments, and grades will be available (you can send private messages to me).

    My Homeroom Students, please don't forget to go to Google Classroom every morning (Monday - Friday) at 9:30am and comment "here" for Attendance under my Attendance Post.

    Students if you haven't turned in your Week 1 Assignment please do so today as I finish up grading, so you can earn your Assignment grade. 

    Our Zoom Meeting went great on yesterday. Remember, every Tuesday at 6pm, all teachers will be in attendance. And every Thursday, I will have Zoom meetings with each of my blocks.

    Block 1 (Ms. Heyliger's Class) - 5 pm

    Block 2 (Ms. Gonzalez's Class) - 5:30 pm

    Block 3 (Ms. Nubin's Homeroom) - 6 pm

    We will discuss what you have learned in the lesson, I will answer any questions on any problems you may have, and we will do some problems together.

    Keep being Awesome and Do Great... Stay Safe and Healthy!

    ~ Ms. Nubin

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    Posted by Renicka Nubin on 4/1/2020 12:05:00 AM

    Greetings Students and Parents,


    Today starts our new journey together. 


    If you are not on Class Dojo, please send an email, so that I can invite you. I will also be utilizing ZOOM to communicate with students and for parent conferences. Please make sure it is downloaded on a mobile phone or computer.


    Please go through all tabs. 


    I am at Legacy today and will leave at 2 pm. If any students need this week assignment to be printed, please let me know before 11 am and I will have this week assignment ready for pick up on Thursday. Please send a message through Class Dojo or an email. 


    I can not accept any paperwork if you print the assignment. The assignment must be scanned or you can take a picture of the completed work and email the assignment to me.




    FOLLOW INSTRUCTION. Instruction will consist of: Introduction video, specific math pages to complete daily, and 15 minutes of iReady daily.


    ~ Ms. Nubin, 3rd Grade Math


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    Posted by Renicka Nubin on 3/31/2020 12:00:00 PM

    UPDATE: Florida Dept. of Education has extended Distance Learning through May 1, 2020 due to COVID 19 concerns.

    We will get through this together. Stay Safe.

    ~ Ms. Nubin

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  • March 23rd - March 27th 3rd Grade Math Work Packet

    Posted by Renicka Nubin on 3/25/2020 6:30:00 PM

    Third Grade Math Work Packets have been printed and located at all Walmarts. Parents you can also download the 3rd Grade Math Packets from the Marion County Website, http://www.marionschools.net. The math packets are work at home packets and must remain at home.

    Starting April 1, 2020, students will begin Online Distance Learning until April 15th. At this time, students are to return to school on April 16th.

    I will communicate here and CLASS DOJO, if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

     ~ Ms. Nubin


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