Virtual Learning

  • Hello happy children!

    While we are not together for right now, we will be doing music class "online"!

    You will only have ONE specials class per week. Here is the schedule:


    Kinder & 1st grade - 

    Week 1 (April 1-3): Art

    Week 2 (April 6-10): Music

    Week 3 (April 13-17): PE


    2nd & 3rd grade:

    Week 1 (April 1-3): Music

    Week 2 (April 6-10): PE

    Week 3 (April 13-17): Art


    4th & 5th grade:

    Week 1 (April 1-3): PE

    Week 2 (April 6-10): Art

    Week 3 (April 13-17): Music


    For music class, you will need to visit google classroom to do an assignment. I will also be hosting a weekly video chat where we will sing and make music together!

    You can find everything you need to know about Google Classroom in the Help with Google Classroom tab.