• March 30th - April 4th

    I sure hope you all brought your instruments home... While you are all self-isolating at home, you shoud be practicing your scales at home. I will be posting other exercises as time goes on for you to work on to keep your playing "chops" up. If anyone forgot their instrument at school, email Mr. Brantley and see if something can be done. 

  • Google Classroom Code

    We will be using Google Classroom for online assignments.

    Use the code below to join my class on google classroom. When logging in, you must use your student email account. It will not let you join the class if you use a personal email. 


    Google Classroom Code: dpynacy

  • Audacity

    This is a cool program I have occasionally used to record in class.  It's free, and all you need is a microphone hooked up to your computer.

    You can do some super cool audio editing stuff in Audacity.  There are a lot of cool things you can do with it! If you end up making something cool, send it to Mr. Brantley