• March 30th - April 4th

    Practice out of your Traditions of Excellence book. I sure hope you brought your instruments home.... Make sure you are going over gthe B-Flat scale every time you practice. 

    If anyone needs there instrument, email Mr. Brantley and I'll see if I can remedy the situtaion. If you think your instrument needs to be cleaned or sanitized, I put a link on my main page here for you to utilize. 

  • Google Classroom Codes 

    We will be using google classroom for online assignments

    Please double check you are signing up for the right block. You will need to sign into google classroom with your student email account. It will not work with a peresonal email account. 


    Block 3 Band: phsd3fl


    Block 4 Band: ee52dob

  • Rhythm Randomizer

    Leave your instrument at home?  Run out of reeds? (Order them online!)  Just feel like clapping rhythms?


    This site will generate rhythms over and over.  Set your preferences, then hit F5 or refresh the page for a new rhythm.