• Since this our first distance learning experience, we will start out with one review lesson.  Starting next week I will assign 2 to 3 lessons at the beginning of each week. You will have all week to complete them.   I will try to make this as easy as possible for all of us.  If you don't have access to a computer to do the work, I will assign a workbook page out of our textbook. Answers will have to be taken by photo and emailed or texted to me (email preferred actually for this) or make a phone call to me and answers read over the phone.  If you are on technology, the assignment will be given off the computer like we have done with classwork from the etextbook.  Remember to submit the work by the due date.  If you are unable to do it by that date for some reason, please let me know by text if possible.

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  • Fun Math Activities

    I currently have only one photo in this section on the far left side of the webpage. I plan on adding things like a sodoku puzzle, a 24 came card, a calculator card and others.  I know some of you like more things to do.  This might whet your appetite.  I hope you enjoy them.  Challenge your parents and see what they can do!  I plan on including answers the next week.

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