• Space

    April 1st-April 10th

    Space Exploration


    Lesson 1 (This is a grade)

    Due Date: Friday April 3rd (Extended to next week)

    (No late penalty) 

    When and how did it begin?


    Copy and paste the following link into your browser


    Print a copy


    Read the article "Dr. Robert H. Goddard, American Rocketry Pioneer"

    Remember to highlight important parts, underline, and circle unknown words,


    and make notes in the margins of the paper as you read it.


    Copy and Answer the following questions on notebook paper:

    (Put your name on your paper-first and last)

    1. What was Goddard's lifespan (birth year to death year)?

    2. What year did he launch his first rocket?

    3. What did he do in 1907, and how old was he at the time?

    4. How did the government use his rocket technolgy at first?

    5. Judging from the picture, what is your opinion of his first rocket?

    6. Take a picture of your work and email it to me. (angela.pecor@marion.k12.fl.us)

    7. Store your work in your binder.


    Lesson 2 The Electromagnetic Spectrum (Waves that come from the sun)

    Watch the video mentioned below (as many times as you wish).

    It is 32 minutes and 6 seconds long.

    Take notes. There will be questions to answer.


    1. Go to my video page

    2. Go to the 1st video under "Space." The Electromagnetic Spectrum by NASA

    3. Watch the video at your own pace. You can break it up every 5 minutes or so if you like.

    4. The questions will be on here tomorrow.