• April 19, 

    Hi all,

    We are moving into another week of At Home Distance Learning. I know it has been a change for all of us.

    I continue to look for your assignments and to send back comments. If sent back with no grade please go back to address areas based on my comments.

    I have heard that some of you are still struggling to access Email, web page or assignment.

    I want to help so here are some suggestions to get you connected.

    Go to Marionschools.net, find the schools tab, locate MTI ( Marion Technical Institute- On Fort King St)Then go to Teacher Webpage-Uhl.

    Open and scroll to bottom of Teacher page first. Read each note to catch up. Then open Assignments, Scroll to bottom to find first assignment, and then read each message to again catch up. 

    The page with class codes are to give you access to the assignments. Keep that code handy, then go to Google classroom on the MTI Home page. You should find my classroom and then choose your level, open, accept invite and then assignments are there. 

    If you are having issues with Google classroom go back to MTI Home page and look for Yellow tab at top of page for Distance Learning- Students, scroll down to Google class & there is a tutorial to guide you.

    You can send messages thru Google class, My Email  Ronetta.Uhl@marion.k12.fl.us . These would be the easiest way for contact. 

    Please keep looking daily for any updates here & in Google Classroom.

    Stay positive, take breaks and breathe.

     Ms. Ronetta


  • Hi all,                                                         April 16, 2020

     I hope you are navigating Google Classroom a little easier.

    Please continue to look on the MTI Teacher webpage site first for any updates.

    Check your school email-  First.Last@marionstudents.net  regularly. 

    Messages can also be sent via the Google classroom.

    Remember if you have any concerns or questions, please ask. If I don't know, I can't help.

    There will be weekly assignments given so please check.

    As we continue to state- this is new to all of us, so be patient and we will work thru it together.

    Have a wonderful day, take a breath, and know that there will be positives in our future.

    Virtual Hugs to all,

    Ms. Ronetta


  • April 10,

    Go to Google Classroom for assignments

    1. Open Google Classroom. 

    2. Go to your Class level.

    3. Click on the assignment

    4. Look on the right side, ThHere will be an area where you turn in your work and/or where you can create your work. Click on create button and hit DOCS. It should take you right to it. You can add (hopefully righ ton the document- please keep the font color Black)

    5. When you have finished our work, look on the upper right corner of DOCS. There should be a share button and a turn in button. Click on the turn in button.

    This might take you to another document, if so, go back to the Google Classroom document and refresh the page, your work should be there.


    Class Codes these codes will give you acces to your class.

    Level 1- 6fg7rwy

    Level 2- jwbmysj

    Level 3-xhp67i5

    Levevl 4- ugn7p4v


    Message me if you need assisitance.

  • Hi all,

     As you can see from opening the Web Page there is an Attachment with access information and directions. 

    This is what you will be working on for the upcoming week. This consists of 4-one hour modules about Soft Skills. These are skills that are essential in the workplace.

    You will go thru each module and then write in a word document (add to after each module) a description of what the module was about.

    Add some of the essential details and information that you found important. 

    When all 4 modules are complete & you have written your description with details in a word document, you will send as an attachment to my email.


    Please use your school email to send from as this will help to keep track of work. 

    This assignment is Due Wednesday April 8.


    When Logging into the site use 

    Username: Students MCPS email (First.Last@marionstudents.net)

    Password: Student number


    Remember this is new for all of us and we will work through it together. Take deep breaths and know that you can do it.


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.