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  • Hi all,

     As you can see from opening the Web Page there is an Attachment with access information and directions. 

    This is what you will be working on for the upcoming week. This consists of 4-one hour modules about Soft Skills. These are skills that are essential in the workplace.

    You will go thru each module and then write in a word document (add to after each module) a description of what the module was about.

    Add some of the essential details and information that you found important. 

    When all 4 modules are complete & you have written your description with details in a word document, you will send as an attachment to my email.


    Please use your school email to send from as this will help to keep track of work. 

    This assignment is Due Wednesday April 8.


    When Logging into the site use 

    Username: Students MCPS email (First.Last@marionstudents.net)

    Password: Student number


    Remember this is new for all of us and we will work through it together. Take deep breaths and know that you can do it.