• Friday April 3, 2020

    *Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.). These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms. If you do not want your child's image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device. 

    *Technology help for Parents/Students 352-867-2100

    *Please check your school email/Teacher Webpage daily for updates


    Saturday May 16, 2020


    There are  10 days remaining for the school year. Continue to send in assignments. I check daily. 

    On Monday, May 18, & Tuesday, May 19, between 9-11, you can stop by MTI Building #24 classroom door to pick up any personal belongings that may be there. This includes any work that you might need for your portfolio. I will have items bagged with your name on it outside the door.

    If you can not get there during those times, please contact me & we can make arrangements to meet. 

    Your last day of school is June 1. Continue to look here and Google Classroom for any updates or changes.

    Have a fantstic week. Stay positive.


     Monday, May 11, 2020

    Hi all,

     The beginning of a new week, the end of year is 3 weeks away, Last day of school is June 1. Please continue to check Google Classroom for assignments. Remember if you have questions about assignments  or something else, you can contact me via Email , text or Remind. We still have missing assignments out so be sure to check. 

    Continue to follow a routine/schedule to complete tasks, Stay positive, and get outside daily.

    Plans for next year continue to be a focus for all. As plans are confirmed they will be shared.

    Have a wonderful week, Keep smiling,


    Wednesday May 6, 2020

    Hi all,

    Please continue to first look here for messages and then Google Classroom (assignments are open on Friday prior to due date) for the weeks assignment. Grades are being entered as assignments are received. Remember that if you have questions or concerns you can contact me. The designated office time has been laxed, I will respond as I get messages so as not to hold up your progress. 

    At some point you will be able to come to MTI outside the classroom to pick up any work, personal items that might be on campus. When the days and times are set I will share with you. For those in Level 2,3,4 you have work that can be included in your portfolio.

    Continue to follow a routine/schedule to help you get through your day. Flexibility is important as the plans change. 
    Stay Positive & know that we are all working through this and I am here to help you when needed.

    Have a fantastic day, Stay Positive.



    Monday, April 27, 2020

    Please send me your plans for the upcoming School Year.

    Marion Military Students-Are you planning to stay with Marion Military or continue on with CTE? You can not do both. Choose one.

    Base School students- Are you planning on continuing with CTE or returning to Base School full time?  Choose one.

    Please send a message to me to let me know your choice. Plans are being made for the Fall. 

    Do this as soon as possible. 

    Continue to look here, School Email and Google Classroom for any updates, new assignments.  


     Thursday April 16, 2020

    Check the assignment section & Google classroom for updates.

    Take a walk outside to enjoy the fresh air.

    Stay positive.  Stay in Touch.

    Virtual Hugs

    Ms. Ronetta


    Friday April 10, 2020


    Please look in assignment tab for directions to the upcoming lesson. Have a fantastic Easter. Sending virtual chocolate Bunnies. Stay in touch-Virtually.Happiness, Ms. Ronetta


     Wednesday, April 1, 2020


    This has become our new way to communicate and share information. I too am learning & hope that you can help me & each other as we get thru all the new Norms. 

    There will be some online courses that you will be taking along with assignments. Please don't stress as we will work thru this together. 

    You will have a 2 hour time frame to call me for any questions. We also have Remind and working to update.

    Take care, Stay Positive and know that as a team we can help each other.

    Happiness, Ms. Ronetta