• Email Etiquette is a Must

    Posted by Heather Ramirez on 3/25/2020

    Since we are 100% online from now until who knows when, I expect all of my students to compose themselves with dignity and respect when making online communications.


    Email Etiqutte: please give a greeting (Dear___), followed by a friendly statement (I hope you are having a good day), followed by the issue/question/concern written in a friendly manner without making demands or accusations, followed then by a salutation and your name (Sincerely,___).


    Remember to use positive sentence starters:

    -Could you please help me understand...

    -Would you mind if...

    -I think you might have made a mistake...

    -Please and thank you


    Compose yourself as the young lady or young man you are becoming when you email teachers and adults in general.  Having a conversation with an adult is considered formal, unlike having a conversation with your friends in which slang and text-speak, etc., are fine.  Remember to try to spell and punctuate to the best of your ability when emailing an adult, especially your Language Arts teacher. 


    Use every online communication to represent who you are and who you are becoming because once that email is sent, it can never be erased.


    Think before you email. 

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  • Due Dates

    Posted by Heather Ramirez on 3/25/2020

    Because we have gone online so suddenly and because so many students' access to the Internet is questionable, due dates will not be enforced.  Please do your best to turn in the work on time, but turn it in late if necessary.  Students will still receive full credit even it it is turned in past the posted due date.


    I update grades daily, Monday through Friday, around 4:00pm.

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  • How Assignments will be Graded

    Posted by Heather Ramirez on 3/25/2020

    Unless otherwise noted in the assignment itself, here is the process for grading:


    1. Student submits the work via email to me.


    2. I email to that student the answers.


    3. Student checks his/her own work.


    4. Student then emails back to me an ASSIGNMENT RELFECTION in which the student gives a brief self-assessment of his/her learning progress along with an appropriate grade.  Unless there is a great discrepancy in what I see between the work submitted and the expected learning, then most reflection grades will be accepted.


    The ASSIGNMENT REFLECTION is also a time to discuss particular learning struggles and/or specific questions for that assignment.  We can schedule online meetings via zoom to meet specific needs.

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  • What to Expect

    Posted by Heather Ramirez on 3/24/2020

    Welcome back to 7th Advanced ELA with Mrs. Ramirez.


    Please use my teacher website as the hub for all expectations for this class for the remainder of the year. Due dates, activities, documents, links, etc., will all be posted under the Current and Past Assignments tab.


    The curricular plan for this class is:


    1. Finish the Poetry Unit as planned.  


    2. Move into Origin Myths (following the curriculum and standards according to Marion County's curriculum map).  Students will study several origin myths, elements of an origin (or creation) myth, characterization types, vocabulary, root words, and more.  The culminating project will be to write an authentic origin myth along with an analysis of that story, following a detailed set of requirements.  Step by step guidance, practice, and review will be provided and encouraged online.


    3. Continue with OGGS.  Do not come to the school to pick up folders.  We will continue online only, and detailed instruction/explanation will be provided.  To be announced.


    4. The last unit will focus on RSPs: roots, suffixes, and prefixes, the backbone of the English language.  In years' past, I ended the year by having students plan and construct their own board games.  Time will tell if we can continue this standards-teaching board game or if we will have to pursue a different route.


    5. Continue reading to meet the word count.  Choose a CLASSIC book.  Use this link Classic Books FREE  to choose your classic and/or read it online.  Please begin reading as soon as you can.  Please choose a book that interests you that seems within your reading levels (do not go too hard or too easy on yourself).


    Please anticipate a continued, rigorous academic path in 7th Advanced Language Arts as we complete the year.


    I can be reached by email from 9:00-3:55, and my response time is usually within minutes.  If you would like to arrange a zoom meeting, we can do that, too.  


    I pray that all of you are safe and remain safe.  Social distancing is a good thing.


    As of 3/27/20: Please do NOT complete the county's supplemental work; I have been directed to no longer accept it as bonus work.  If I already accepted yours, then nothing changes.  No NEW submissions will be accepted. 



    Mrs. Ramirez


    Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third party platforms.  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child's image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed in your device.

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