• Try to sign in to Microsoft Teams for assignments under  your Life Science Class period.  If that does not work, you can always go to my assignments on my teacher website.  You can submit assignments either under Microsoft Teams or at my e-mail: melissa.leach@marion.k12.fl.us.  Try to remember to put your class period on e-mail assignments.

    You will need to sign in, access Office 365, select Teams, then select your Life Science Period.  You might need a code to access the team; enter code exactly as indicated:  Period 1           9kgh8ml               Period  3      clowuu6            Period   5      2u0q7ty

                           Period 2           wf9u2f0                Period  4      6jnx08w           Period   6       gjjmsuij

    If you have another teacher using Microsoft Teams, this code should work as well for that class.     

    check Mrs. Sherman's website  for links to e-books, Microsoft Teams

    Getting to Your ETextbook

    1. Log onto your MCPS student desktop.
    2. At the bottom, there are series of white words.  Click on "eTextbook".
    3. You should see a tile.  Click on "Courses".
    4. You should see your schedule.  Click on "eTextbook" next to your Life Science class.  This takes about two minutes to download.

    Time to hit the books again          

    Well,  it has been a little bit longer that we all thought, but I am still your teacher for the remainder of the year.  "see you" all soon!

    Click on the assignments tab and follow directions for your first and future  assignments.   Don't groan...it isn't that difficult.  

    I will be available by phone 815-861-2260  from  10:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m  and 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.  Mon-Fri 

    for questions, concerns or just to hear my voice.  Please try to send assignments through Microsoft Teams first.  If you send an assignment to my e-mail, please mark your period number for reference.  Other questions or concerns forward to my email:  melissa.leach@marion.k12.fl.us

    Mrs. Leach