• Greek boy Week of 3/23/20

    You have several options, or learning platforms, for online work. All three options are accessed through the MCPS Desktop Portal. https://desktop.marion.k12.fl.us/LoginPolicy.jsp


    1. LearnSmart: This platform is part of the online textbook. Students click on the Course Schedule tile and choose the etextbook link to the left of the World History line. Click here to see the instructions for accessing LearnSmart. The self-paced questions will guide you through the lessons. I cannot see your answers or provide any feedback in this platform. I want you to work through Chapter 11.


    2. Online Textbook: This is the main area of the online textbook. Access the etextbook the same way, but when you get to the main page click on one of the assignments that I have placed in the right side To Do list. You can see all the video clips, pictures, maps, and activities that go along with each lesson. You can also have the computer read the text to you. I can see your answers in this platform, but you do not have to type in the answers if you don't want to. You can message me in this platform as well. 


    3. Google Classroom: This is where I will post assignments and work that I have created based on the Study Smart workbook pages. I will post the workbook pages along with other materials. I will also direct students to access the online textbook in some assignments and then return to Google Classroom to complete the work. I will provide the most feedback on this platform because it's the easiest one for students and teachers to work with. This is the platform that students are the most comfortable with, and it provides the ability for the most interaction between all of us.