• We will be away from school for a month before we see each other again. :-( 

    I will post useful content to help students keep student minds fresh with Earth/Space content. None of these refreshers or new content are required assignments. However, for those with internet capabilities, it is a way to stay current and ahead of Ebinghause's forgetting curve!

  • Hello, Science Scholars!

    I sincerely hope that you all are well. A brief summary of the information I've received follows:

    Tomorrow, March 24, 2020, you will information about supplemental materials provided by the district, for core academic subjects that will go live on the Marion County Public Schools website for all Secondary students.  Please note, there is actually two weeks’ worth of activities for any student that would like extra academic enrichment. 


    Belleview Middle School will print out packets by request only, for students that are unable to access the materials digitally. These materials are meant to be supplemental and are not to be graded. Teachers and the School cannot accept any complete or incomplete packets back into our school/ classroom, due to public health and safety guidelines.


    Our district coordinators and program specialists used our core subject curriculum maps to determine the proper scope and sequence for these supplemental activities. We've already covered some of this material. Consider it review. The remaining material is new. I will continue to post helpful videos and material to my teacher website. As always, you can reach me by email with any questions- christine.garandscherer@k12.fl.us




    Practice social distancing and wash your hands!




    Mrs. Scherer