• The Book Thief Project

    Death was extremely busy during the Holocaust; however, there have been numerous times throughout history when he was also busy. You need to select a point in history where Death was so busy that he needed a vacation. This should be a specific day, though it may not have fallen in a time of war or major conflict. You must research the day, and show evidence of the research in your product.

    You will write a 1-2 page TYPED (12 point font) narration from the perspective of Death. In this you must include the following details:

    • Date of event
    • Color of the sky
    • What happened
    • Why that day was so deadly
    • Multiple examples of figurative language (5+)

    Think of how Death narrates in The Book Thief. He’s very descriptive. His language is beautiful and haunting. Try to mimic that with yours. Remember, this is in first person.

    You will also create a diorama of this particular day. This should include the following:

    • 3-D model
    • Must show Death (That’s big D, not little d. It should not be graphic and disgusting.)
    • Must reflect narration
    • Must show the color of the sky

    Also have attach a bibliography of at LEAST 2 sources. This should be formatted correctly.

    These are both due by March 27th.