•                                                                              Name ______________________________ #______


                 IXL/AR/Multiplication Participation Percentage Check-off Sheet

                                      Due on or before Thursday, March 12th  


    IXL: You need a Smart Score of 85% or higher on each skill to earn 100% participation. Log on to your

    ixl account and write the SMART SCORE for each skill listed. Give this slip to Mrs. Miller when you have

    all skills completed and Smart Scores recorded.  Due on or before Thursday, March 12th.


    Reminder: A medal doesn’t mean you completed the skill this year, as you may have earned the medal

    last year. You MUST have a Smart Score of 85% or higher by the skill to have completed it this year and

    for it to count toward your current participation grade.


    Mathematics Smart Scores for this year:


    J.8___   M.1___   M.5___   M.7___   R.4.5___   R.6___   R.7___   R.17___ 


    S.2___   S.3___   S.5___   S.8___   S.9___   S.12___   S.13___   S.14___ 


    T.2___   T.3___   T.8___   T.9___   T.15 ___                                                                       ____/21 = _____%     


    Language Arts Smart Scores for this year:

    O.1___  O.2___  O.3___  O.4___  P.1___  P.2___  W.1___  W.2___  W.3___  W.4___  W.5___


    X.1___  X.2___  X.3___  X.4___  X.5___  X.6___  FF.1___  FF.2___  FF.3___  FF.4___


    GG.5___  GG.6___  GG.7___  GG.8___  II.4___  II.5___  II.6___  II.7___  II.8___  JJ.4___ 


    KK.3___  KK.4___  KK.5___  MM.1___  MM.2___  MM.3___  MM.4___  MM.9___


    MM.10___  MM.11___  OO.13___  SS.1___                                                                      ____/43 = _____%



    AR Word Goal: 200,000 words with 85% or higher are due by Friday, March 13th.  How many do you have?


                                                        ___________________words/200,000 words required   =   ______%    


                                            You should have an AR % correct average of 85% or higher. You have  _______%.


    Multiplication Masters: We have practiced and tested all 13 multiplication tables from 0-12, so all 13 tables

    are required to be mastered.  Check off the ones you have passed, and then practice and get tested on the ones

    not yet checked. If you have all 13 done, you can just put 13/13 = 100%.


     0____  1____  2____  3____  4____  5____  6____  7____  8____  9____  10____  11____  12____                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                                       ____/13 = ______%


    (Completed:  13=100%; 12=92%; 11=85%; 10=77%; 9=69%; 8=62%; 7=54%; 6=46%; 5=38%; 4=31%; 3=23%; 2=15%; 1=8%)