• Request for Recommendation Letter

    BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS FORM, YOU MUST FIRST DIRECTLY ASK MRS. BENDER FOR A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION EITHER VIA EMAIL OR IN PERSON. After speaking with Mrs. Bender, click the link below and fill out this form in its entirety so your request can be processed.


    Filling out this form does not guarantee that Mrs. Bender will write your letter. More consideration will be given to students who have an A or B average for the class, turn in work on time, and have few unexcused absences (absences due to the pandemic will be taken into consideration).


    Please allow at least 1 week BEFORE the recommendation due date to make the request. You will be informed whether or not your request is accepted via email, Remind, or in-person conference.


    A PDF copy of your letter will be emailed to your school address for your records. Printed and signed copies must be specially requested. If you see an issue with your letter (i.e., incorrect information), please contact Mrs. Bender immediately to rectify the mistake.


    Click here:  Request for Recommendation Letter   

Last Modified on August 5, 2020