• March 11-12

    These are block days so they will repeat.

    Period 1 (Wed) and 2 (Thurs)

    Listen to Lord of the Flies Chapter 7 and 8 (Copy and paste link). They should follow along in the book! 
    https://youtu.be/enTShPyUYyo (Chapter 7)

    https://youtu.be/hA8kqbDjjxE  (Chapter 8) 

    Periods 3-6

    Read Chapters 1-2 of Night. Answer the questions on Google classroom while or after reading. 

    March 10

    If students did not finish their essay yesterday, they need to complete it. It will be marked late, but it is more important that it is completed. 

    If students have finished the essay they should...
    ENG 2- Read chapter 7-8 Lord of the Flies
    ENG 1- Read chapter 1-2 of Night (the purple book on the table at the side of the room).

    Work for March 9, 2020 is in the Google classroom. It is an essay about college. If the articles are blocked on the Chrome books, then students may find another article online to cite. 

    Click the link below for the YouTube video about inferring

    Making Inferences


    Click the link below for the video about Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu