• McCarthy’s Discipline Assignment            # ____                                                                                  Date:

    Silent Lunch Dates:  __________,  ___________,  __________

    Mrs. McCarthy has made it clear that she DOES NOT allow food or drinks other than bottled water in her class Also, students are not allowed to spray heavy perfumes or body sprays because some students have respiratory issues such as asthma.  Toys and other distracting things should be left at home, or will be confiscated.  When I come into Mrs. McCarthy’s class, I am to listen to her instructions, get my folder from the crate, take out my pencil, and start on bellwork.  My bellwork paper for the week should be kept in my folder at all times until Friday, when I turn in my bellwork to the tray.  Although we work in groups and work together, I understand that I am only allowed to talk at certain times.  In order to allow every student the opportunity to learn, she has made it clear that I am to stay in my seat, raise my hand if I want to speak, and follow her directions.  When we walk to and from lunch or the media center, I am to walk in a straight line (one behind the other) and my voice is to be in a whisper so I do not disturb the other classes.  At the end of class, Mrs. McCarthy does not dismiss the class until the Chromebooks are put away and plugged in the correct slots and there is no paper or trash left on the floor or in the desks.  This assignment has been given to me because I _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.  I understand that my parent/ guardian must sign and date this in order to have my silent lunch reduced from 3 days to 2.  If my parent wishes to reach Mrs. McCarthy, she can be contacted by the following methods:

    Phone:  352-671-6325 extension 52178

    Email: traci.mccarthy@marion.k12.fl.us

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