• Greece map Week of 2/3/2020

    Monday, 2/3. Topic: Greece. Students will wrap up China by completing the cluster diagram on the unit organizer. Then we'll begin Unit 7, Greece. We'll get pages 203-208 from the Study Smart workbook and begin with the essential question and vocab for the lesson in the folders. HW: SS pages 203-208, #1, 2ab, 4, 7. Due Friday. Click here for the workbook pages.


    Tuesday, 2/4. Topic: Greek city-states. We'll read through page 174-181 in the textbook and complete a short set of notes highlighting the main ideas of each section. Click here to see the lecture notes.


    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Greek Colonies. Students will finish the main idea notes and then begin a short in-class project. They will create a map showing the Greek colonies in the Mediterranean Sea region, and then annotate the map with fact cards to make an annotated map poster. 


    Friday, 2/7. Topic: Greek land and city-states. We'll review the week's lesson. Students will have time to finish their annotated map posters and their homework.