• Qin Week of 1/27/2020

    Monday, 1/27. Topic: Legalism. Students will review the 2 Chinese philosophies we learned about last week and then learn about Legalism and how it impacts the way government might work. No HW today, but there is a test on Friday covering last week and this week's material. 


    Tuesday, 1/28. Topic: China, Lesson 3, Qin and Han Dynasties. Students will begin learning about the Qin and Han dynasties and similarities and differences and the major achievements of each. Will be using SS workbook pages 338-343, click here for a fresh copy of the workbook pages. Hw: complete the homework questions passed out in class. (Click here for a fresh set of the HW questions.


    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Qin/Han Dynasties. We will continue working through the workbook pages together, taking notes on the government and achievements of each dynasty. 


    Friday, 1/31. Topic: Review and test. Students will review the lessons on philosophies and dynasties. Then we'll go to the computer lab for the test.