• dragon Week of 1/13/2020

    Monday, 1/13. Topic: Zhou Dynasty. Students will continue learning about the Zhou dynasty and the Mandate of Heaven. They will also be moving forward to learn about the three different Chinese philosophies. They will need pages 333-336 in their workbooks. Click here for a fresh copy of the workbook pages. HW: Complete the paragraph Question Set that goes with the workbook pages. Due Friday.  Click here for a fresh copy of the Question Set. Open Notebook Test on Friday. 


    Tuesday, 1/14. Topic: Mandate of Heaven.  Students will be reading and analyzing an in-depth article about the Mandate of Heaven. We'll number the paragraphs, identify the main idea in each paragraph, discuss the article and answer 4 questions at the end. Click here for a copy of the article.


    Wednesday/Thursday, Topic: China. Students will use the Kids Discover magazine about China to find items that interest them and share them around the room. I call this "traveling." 


    Friday, 1/17. Topic: China. We will review the information from the last two weeks, then students will take an Open Notebook test.