• Chinese dragon Week of 1/6/2020

    Happy New Year!


    Monday, 1/6. Teacher Work Day, no school. All of my grades are already finalized and in the computer for you to see. 


    Tuesday, 1/7. Topic: Unit 6, Lesson 1, China's Early Dynasties. We will review our procedures and class routines and clean up the folders. Students will be using pages 326-332  in their SS workbooks for this lesson. Hw: SS pages 326-332, #1, 4, and p.332, #1 on back page. Click here for the workbook pages.  Click here for the classwork question set.


    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: China, Lesson 1, Early Dynasties. Students will have an overview of the two important early Chinese dynasties using the GRAPES organizer method. 


    Friday, 1/10. Topic: China, Lesson 1. We'll wrap up the Early Dynasties lesson using a VENN diagram to plot out the similarities and differences between the two.